ASN Int. gathers under one roof platforms and design services for Industrial IOT solutions.

  • We offer a full solution platform for Industrial IOT applications with a variety of wireless sensors and an easy to integrate wireless modules for any other required sensors as well as  S/W drivers routers, switches , uniquely designed go aggregate large numbers of sensors. We offer a secured wireless and wired network communication solution as well as Servers or Cloud computing services for your IOT application.

  • We provide "Off the Shelf" managment applications as well as design services for both design from scratch as well as customize existing solutions from Sensor to Cloud.

Agriculture IOT Solutions

A wireless based platform with wide coverage, both for  green houses and agriculture fields, to connect with a variety of sensors which collect the measures to a central unit that can analyze and initiate operations required based on the sensor’s inputs.

So for customers managing greenhouses with controlled parameters such as heat, humidity, soil PH, Water PH, etc’ and their growing layout keep changing, our wireless sensing system aggregates all data to a central data base for online presentation and analytics, to improve crops growing’s yield.

Energy Saving IOT solutions

A unique solution combining wireless connected street light controlling, as well as aggregating the data from the wireless parking sensors, to save electricity by dimming the lights when no activity on the streets and providing parking availability information to the citizens and municipality , by both mobile app and a colored indicator placed on the street light pole, indicating by color code (Red/Amber/Green), the availability of parking spaces next to it.

"Smart City" IOT solutions

An IOT platform, monitoring all day  to day Municipality services, from remote metering of water and electricity through Street light control, parking availability, Air quality monitoring all based on both our wireless sensors collecting all the data, aggregated to the cloud server as well as interfacing existing systems. such as CCTV DVR, electronic signs and any other install base, available to interface to our global platform

Cold Chain Managment IOT solutions

CCM – Cold Chain Management

The CCM system is meant to provide a real time indication of the temperature of tracked goods which is traveling between, chilled, warehouses, to a chilled track until the customer’s refrigerator.

The following questions will assist you in focusing the right customers:

  1. Do your customers’ goods require cooling at all times?

  2. Do you customers’ goods travel from one chilled place to another

  3. Will a bridge of a temperature threshold destroy the goods

Than our real time temperature indication system will support your customer

Asset and People Indoor tracking - RTLS solutions

Real-time locating systems (RTLS, also known as real-time location systems) are local systems for the identification and tracking of the location of assets and/or persons in
real or near-real-time. An RTLS consists of specialised fixed receivers or readers (location sensors) receiving wireless signals from small ID badges or tags attached to objects of interest and/or persons, to determine where the tagged entities are located within a building or some other confined indoor or outdoor space.

We are offering a simple and reliable platform to support the requirement of both Asset and People tracking in real time, indoors. 

Smart Parking Solutions

We are offering, parking control platforms based on variety of Sensors. One is wireless parking sensors based platform transmitting of the Sub Giga Hz, to the Industrial IoT world. Another is a low cost “Advanced Number Plate Recognition , system based on high quality low cost, multiple License Plates recognition subsystem, to support  recognition of busy /available parking spot including the recognition of the Car’s license plate.

Our management system provides means of efficiency improvement tools for the parking authorities, and simple available tools for the drivers to shorten their time for seeking available parking, as well as automatic billing andfinding the parked car in a huge parking lot