Wireless Sensors

Providing large variety of Wireless Sensors  Solutions for Internet of Things Ecosystem

Last mile connectivity

Connecting Everything through the Real Time Sensor Network with a Proprietary Protocol

· Two-way Communication with Thousands of End Units

Management and user applications

Providing Web Technology Based Universal Platform with a Unified Web-based Interface, to monitor and control all sensors, with the flexibility to interface most of the already installed systems such as CCTV DVRs and others

Wireless Sensoros

Bidirectional wireless connrctivity

 Management Hosting & Cloud Computing

Stay focused with your core competency

ASN Int.  gathered an group of specialists for IOT  solutions  to assist you in your IOT projects, allowing you to focus on your core competency and provide you with quick smooth solution / design of any link of the IOT chain  


Cloud Computing


Supporting mobile application for users

Providing Cloud based servers for aggregating, analyzing and monitoring the spread sensor's information

Using the most advanced security methods to protect our systems